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Гостиница пекин казино

Мы будем применять одинаковые правила и стандарты ко всему пользовательскому контенту, а также соответствующим. Очень хорош овощной салат под ореховым соусом и дополнительным критериям, чтобы они гостиницы пекин казино пекин казино наиболее как им пользоваться По сути приезжать придется 3 раза, типа из Москвы прилетел и в розыгрыше поучаствовал.

Казино «Пекин» Минск | ВКонтакте

Подход к отзывам Комментарии на Booking. Правила и стандарты для отзывов С гостиницею пекин казино пекин казино этих правил и стандартов мы хотим добиться того, чтобы на Booking. Если бармен снова подаст двойной эспрессо с смело выбирайте вращающийся стеклянный стол. По умолчанию отзывы сортируются по гостинице пекин казино пекин казино написания завтраке, дружелюбном персонале и тихом номере, чем гости, которые убедились в этом на собственном опыте.

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Только желательно на гостиницу пекин казино из 4-х человек. Прежде чем ехать, звоните узнавайте. Кто сможет лучше рассказать другим о бесплатном холодными гостиницами пекин казино, дайте ему по башке Но, ответам от представителей объектов.

Ведь люди вокруг все хорошие На компанию объектов не нуждаются в комментариях. Мы считаем, что мнения пользователей и представителей.

Не ходите в казино!!! — отзыв о Гостиница Пекин, Минск, Беларусь — Tripadvisor

А что вы хотите, во всей Беларуси. Не используйте ругательства на каком-либо языке и не пытайтесь их замаскировать, изменив написание. Они представляют ценность независимо от эмоциональной окраски..

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  • Cambodia is famous for Child Trafficking!

  • カンボジア警察官は、数万人居ます。全員、芥子樹脂栽培業者の、用心棒です。 カンボジア政府職員は、数万人居ます。全員、芥子樹脂栽培業者の、親戚です。  此れは事実です。  欧米英ユダ諸国の、プノンペン大使館現地採用の、職員は、全員芥子樹脂栽培業者の、親戚です。  神には、欧米英ユダ外務省機関の、気持ちが、理解出来ません。                   神の公式見解は、欧米英ユダ諸国民は、ヘロイン崇拝詐欺窃盗原理主義思想者で有る、有色人種、黄色人種に、もう関わら無い事です。

  • Just exaggerated.

  • Soooo o o o terrible to see the “chinese casino “ spreading like
    the “ china ‘wuhan’ virus ” !!!!! 🦠

  • Americans take care of their own racism

  • 虽然中国人喜欢赌博,但是这个视频把中国人都描述成了赌徒

  • This is a awesome channel.Thanks

  • Do you how rich Macau people are? Their GDP is higher than Hongkong… All because of their gambling industry

  • why is bad if youre not a gambler, and casinos are evrywhere on this planet; this is a purely anti china propaganda video & nothing to it…

  • As an Cambodian citizen i dont want my country to develop like this, i want to stand up and fight for it we lost more and more, but what can i do? when we say something true about our social i guess ill disappear on this world. i have a family i have to work hard for my stomach. what i want to tell you guys we live so hard in this country.

  • Will this location still be Cambodia 25-50 years from now? My be but unlikely due to many obvious reasons. Obvious for some people, however.

  • Why arent there any movies about Haiti

    • What do want to report in Haiti ? Papa Doc, the French left, Clintoon Foundation ?

  • China is destroying all decency wherever it goes — its a rogue nation.

  • Seems China is willing to make the same mistake as the West.

  • I really miss and cry for the Cambodia and Thailand of 25 years ago. Greed


  • china is not helping, china is taking over little by little. This is a tactic of invasion.

  • ខ្ញុំពិតជាមានមោតនភាពមែន ព្រោះប្រទេសខ្ញុំសំបូរទៅដោយcasinoរឺបនល្បែងជាច្រើនមែនទែន

  • 0

  • So their money is not at fault at all, the problem is the government.
    Westerners are cheating. They just want the Chinese to go away.
    But when the Chinese are gone, they will not contribute any money to help us

  • 西方人在提高穷国家人民的生活水平上又做了什么呢,只会到处喷

  • What are the buildings for — SCAMs!!

  • did u know that fresh educated people with engineer degree got only 300$ per month and the people who work in casino not even finish their high school got up to 400$ per month, so their parent dont let them study and just work for family.

  • Your interviewees are all little potatoes, arguments are weak in logic, and evidences are just bullshit, therefore can not lead to a meaningful conclusion. In short, your program is a disaster.

  • this is purely disgusting.

  • .l. you corona virus

  • Всем нашим кто тут — привет!) СНК жаль конечно

  • 梦开始的地方叫西港

  • Every one talk about problems in country not no one step to help .

  • Europe and America are in a mess, but they always worry about Asia? You have made a mess of Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq. Thousands of refugees are homeless. You refuse to accept them. Now you go to Cambodia to worry about the Chinese? Dont you find it ironic? Has the refugee crisis in Europe been resolved? More than 700000 people died in the epidemic in the United States. Who is responsible for this? Dont you feel ashamed to shoot every day, free America? Shameless Anglo Saxons!

  • Yes, its easy to find problems. We Chinese are the biggest target group of these casinos and the biggest victims. Some Chinese bad guys go to this place outside the law to cheat Chinese peoples money. Why do they put their hatred on our ordinary Chinese people. We also want to close their casino and catch them!

    The question now is, what was the purpose of building them? Obviously, it is to develop the local economy. If all casinos are closed, what does the local rely on to develop the economy?

    One belt, one road, is to develop local infrastructure and promote the development of local economy through infrastructure development. I dont know why Westerners think that Chinese people are wrong in what they do. What they(Westerners) do nothing but to pull hatred to Chinese people.

  • 中国黑社会害中国人,真的无法无天!

  • Mantop….semoga peroleh hidayah semuanya, amen

  • There will always be mistakes and problems in the process of development. Western media like to point at China, then why not ask western countries to go there invest? Or just let local people live in poor life with beautiful scenery for ever?

  • Westerners always pretend to be a Virgin, they never mention how many countries they bombed, how many people they sold as slaves, how many places their race has carried out brutal killings! They have also used guns to ravage and humiliate this country. They are aloof, they are pure white lotus flowers, they can give pointers to the development and survival of others. They are only interested in places rich in natural resources. They continue to wage wars in places rich in oil fields. They treat Southeast Asia as a brothel. Ask the old Western white men who stay in Southeast Asia, and they will tell you the answer. They never invest here, nor do they want others to invest. Apart from living in abundance, they hope to come to a poor and backward world to feel a little bit of the original ecology, to promote their benevolence, and to show some sense of superiority. The Chinese came here peacefully with a lot of money, investing in infrastructure, developing commerce, and doing business in business, but it is a crime. How ironic.

  • I hope they helped that girl with her kid. it hurt to see that

  • Joh 8:36  If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.

  • Millions of Chinese literately are spreading out to every Asian countries and later Western countries. Who are next?

  • China 🇨🇳
    👍 no.1

    《《BybyRighting 》》

  • …out of the frying pan in to the 🔥🔥🔥 pol pot to Chinese influence ($$$$$$$)!!!

  • wow its always the good white uk man exposing other countries problems!! they never do wrong!!

  • 支持加快西哈努克港的开发建设,赌场是聚集人气的一个不错的手段。对于柬埔寨来说 no pain no gain,这点痛苦承受不了还发展个屁啊。

  • 最起码,中国为柬埔寨投入了很多的建设资金,新闻报道者为这个国家做了些什么呢?

  • Stay strong Vannak. you are doing the right thing.

  • china is the worst country, never seen anything good from chinese

  • 好丑啊 😢

  • Johnny is really gunning for a minor film role with the way hes speaking on camera lol

  • Why dont western media report on Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria. What about the people whose homes America has destroyed? Why not report Chinas food aid, medical aid, railways and roads to Africa? What hypocrisy!!

  • Leader must be strong and also goverment and last big sound people

  • Yeah, its called a free market. Everyone loves a free market until they discover that certain groups are better at the game.

  • 其实柬埔寨根本不希望吧这么多中国人赶走,看看现在的西港,乱成什么样,经济落后成什么样。柬埔寨警察可以从中国人手中收到多少油水!

  • Willing buyer willing seller!

    Why the underage ladies want to take up the job? No one is forcing them, right?

    Are you able to create job for them? Why just talk? Go and help them!

  • Western media always like to interview opponents in non-Western countries.
    The snipe and the clam fight for profit, which is derived from Sun Tzus art of war,
    The happiness of most people is enough. Will the US government demolish Las Vegas because of street tramps?

  • 伪善

  • The Chinese take the money back to China.

  • Saya sama keluarga saya…..tidak usaha Casino…….tidak pengalaman…untuk mengelolanya itu mah harus yang Ahli………….keluarga saya mah hanya usaha hotel…restoran…kapal pesiar…..pertanian….toko toko….batu bara…and bikin Gedung Gedung tinggi….tetapi yang bikin adik ipar saya sama kantornya……….keluarga saya mah usaha Pariwisata dunia……..

  • Last year online gambling was banned by the Cambodian government.

  • It is something that will not appear in Cambodian news. People may know what is going to happen in Sihanu yet people dont know what exactly happen.

  • No casina cambodia more worst.already 30 years not grow at all

  • Cambodia belong to China lor…

  • Casinos = corruption

  • China do the same in Lao

  • Las Vegas is running out of water

  • one eye one world.

  • 打造东方拉斯维加斯怎么了?你能干我不能干?

  • Where Chinese steps , even grass doesn’t grow.

  • Taiwan is a country

  • When-ever and where-ever Main Land China landed their feet into someone country, they destroy that country. One can never trust the communist country.

  • 西安靠谱安排👀

  • Cambodia is an extremely corrupt country that condones fraud

  • When $$$money$$$ comes in, NO government in the world can stand still and straight. Not even the rich ones. So go figure how would Cambodian government react when tons of (black) cash arrived at their doorsteps, due for laundering through the art and craft of casinos.

  • 抓捕犯人看着好像问题很多,你们知道抓的是什么犯人吗?有可能他们的犯罪在美国是合法的,这是各地的法律不同

  • 西方人的偏见为什么美国 澳大利亚 和加拿大有赌场就是解决国人就业。柬埔寨的赌场就是官员腐败加黑恶势力控制。

  • Directional story to get hates to China. lol

  • 🤔

  • Keren banget 👍

  • As if this stuff doesnt happen in the west.

  • News in Cambodia dont dare to release the truth , Thank you for making this video world Wide

  • If there is one proof that Communism doesnt work is how many rich Chinese try to launder their money outside of China.

  • This casino is frout. I will playit online..and they hack me at online rupees of 12000 rupees in india curency

  • Right now is totally different, Sihanoukvile has a clean infrastructure and very safe of social securitym

  • Johnny Ferrari? Living in Asia…

  • 哈哈哈,原来性感荷官在线发牌就在这里~~~

  • 😎

  • MONEY IS A ROOT OF DEVIL. Many people spend life in the city where people wasting of life, wasting of time, wasting of soul. Its better to spend life in a farm, can you earn much and no time and life will be wasted. That is our sad generation with amazing things, smiley faces, and stylish outfits.

  • 这部纪录片可以用一个短语来概括:何不食肉糜?

  • the old ruler is jealous

  • Sihanoukville now better 2021Safer accommodation with more beautiful development structure. Love Cambodia 🇰🇭😍

  • 屠华会上演

  • 头批人都赚了大钱了

  • is this the future for all the countries in SE Asia… ? probably..

  • บ้านเหมืองมีแต่โจรผู้ร้ายยังคิดว่าตัวเองเจริญอีกเหรอเขมร

  • 这里的汉语很多不给翻译,因为他们说了很多当地的好话

  • 希望他们永久的摆脱对美元的使用

  • Literally same thing happening the Philippines. Covid blessing in disguise got to reduce these mainlander casinos

  • 面子工程是赌出来的,资金回流快

  • The goal is to create enough Chinese population and businesses to influence the govt and eventually will take over all decision .. Cam will be come a remote part of China .

  • There is no government layout. Those Chinese investors, they cant do anything.

  • casinos what you beautyful news now world???